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Proposal to start popularising bowfin and midden as edgy tumblr lingo.

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Cuddlesandcock:*pours literally like 200ml of soy sauce into the wok*
Me:... omg that is so much soy sauce what are you doing.
Cuddlesandcock:It's okay, it's a light one.
Me:Dude, you know light soy sauce is more salty than the dark kinds?
Cuddlesandcock:What? Is it not the other way round?
Cuddlesandcock:*tastes it* ... Oh.
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"After the slow, chaotic collapse of form, there was a brief moment when the thing in the cocoon was poised in a liminal state. And then, in response to unthinkable tides of flesh, it began to construct itself anew."
Perdido Street Station, China MiƩville
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Note to self:

When you’re high out your gourd to the point where it feels like all your neurons are firing at once and you can feel the rest of the tower block collectively breathing around the fixed point in time and space where you’re currently floating and you aren’t just hearing music but feeling it and thoughts are moving so quickly and interconnectedly that it’s almost frightening but you’re riding on a wave of elation anyway so it’s all good but isn’t the world totally absurd and stuff… that is not a good time to start watching a David Lynch movie.

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So I didn’t apply for any of the jobs I was going to apply for today but I did perfect the vodka & vimto cocktail so I’d say overall it’s been a pretty productive day.

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Whoa I had the weirdest dreams last night.

In the first one I got in this time travel machine with someone who told me they were going to take me back to when the world was new. I stepped out and it was nighttime and I didn’t recognise anything. Then I realised instead of dumping me in the middle of primordial ooze or owt, they had just taken me to some point before industrial civilisation took off. I spent the next few hours running through fields in the moonlight and it was awesome.

In the next one I was scrolling through mmmajestic’s tumblr and every post was a different glitter moustache picture and I was super impressed. :D

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Men:I met two man-haters in the feminist movement and that totally ruined feminism for me!
Men:Oh, 90% of the men you've met are douchebags? Well, you shouldn't generalize! That doesn't represent all men!
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"I wish I’d been like “Stop misgendering people ya cunt” and then glassed him."
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"If I die at someone’s butt then at least I can say it was all worth while."
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Angstravaganza:*le taking an otherkin personality test*
Me:*looking on with amusement/horror*
Angstravaganza:Do I have a "bright" energy?
Me:*immediately* No.
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